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Angela FairchildAngela Fairchild
Esthetician, #033811

I have always had a calling for the world of beauty in the many different forms. I studied at the Aveda Institute in Albuquerque NM and graduated in 1998, 14 years later I haven't stopped pursuing knowledge and respecting the many different skin concerns and aging issues many of us have. No skin type or concern is exactly the same. I am adamant about being honest about the true expectation that people should have when treating the skin and helping them sort through all the information out there. Don't be afraid of your skin, it is very resilient when given the right tools and care that it needs to thrive! Nurturing the skin is a big part of nurturing yourself. If you feel beautiful, you will live life with more confidence and passion!

Ashley Fried

Ashley Fried
BODY Beyond Therapist, LMT #6043
deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, athletic support and recovery

Using massage to support and fine-tune, Ashley works with her clients to help them feel as balanced and fluid as possible. Ashley’s in-depth studies of myofascial release techniques, specific injury rehabilitation and trigger point therapy enhance her ability to assist clients in resolving muscular issues. She stays abreast of medical research, always incorporating the most up-to-date knowledge into her treatment plans.

Beth LeeBeth Lee
Therapist, #7707
swedish, cranial sacral, reflexology and prenatal massage

Beth, a Korean-American born and raised in Boston, approaches body work with the same commitment to the 'embodied experience of Love' that she has with classical piano and writing poetry. Clients often report that they feel incredibly zen and energized after receiving work from her.

Brenda ArchuletaChristina Hughes
BODY Beyond Therapist,
LMT #8070
deep tissue, therapeutic, polarity, craniosacral, abdominal massage,
hot stone

A full time healing arts practitioner since 2003, Christina's strong intuition and extensive experience allow her to blend healing
modalities to achieve profound muscle relief and impart body awareness. She strives to free the body of “heaviness” caused by both
physical & emotional tension, so that chi may flow more freely to heal & tonify the mind-body complex. A session experience can range from deep, structurally integrative bodywork to subtle energetic balancing.

Danielle Gallant

Danielle Gallant
Therapist, #7724
swedish, prenatal, hot stone,
polarity therapy, energy work

Danielle’s sessions are a therapeutic, loving and caring combination of several modalities. Through her awareness practice, she is devoted to hold a loving caring space for healing and believes that bodywork can be an empowering tool on the journey back to our real nature.


Danielle Gallant

Drea Fackler
Therapist, #8035
Phenomenal Touch, cranio sacral therapy, neuromuscular massage

Through her various modes of training and experience as a yoga teacher, Drea views the body as a mystery to be enjoyed and unwound. As a certified Phenomenal Touch practitioner, she uses movement and stretches like an ocean: ebbing and flowing. A session with Drea could include an integration of all her modalities, or focus on one. The choice is yours!

Heather ParkHeather Park
Therapist, LMT #5272
polarity therapy, swedish, hot stone,
prenatal, reflexology, cranial sacral

Drawing from her studies in polarity and Pilates at NMAHA, Heather combines her training in massage therapy with a deep sense of intuition to cater to her clients’ diverse needs. Her sessions are nourishing to the body, mind, and spirit bringing a sense of inner peace and wellness.


Heather ParkIsabel Washburn
Therapist, LMT #5836
swedish, therapeutic, biodynamic craniosacral, prenatal, energy work

Isabel comes from a lineage of caregivers and healers and has dedicated the last 8 years to the healing arts as a massage therapist, biodynamic craniosacral therapist, and women’s health nurse practitioner. She is fascinated by the intelligence of the human body and her sessions are guided by the notion that health is always present.


Heather ParkJan Cillo
Therapist, LMT #7884
swedish, therapeutic massage, polarity, Ayurvedic Marma Point Therapy, incorporating cranial sacral therapy, prenatal massage

Drawing on her extensive studies at NMAHA and the Ayurvedic Institute Jan has fine tuned her subtle touch skills with a more profound awareness of compassion and nurturing. Her approach in calming the mind helps unlock spiritual and physical channels, allowing the release of anxiety, dis-ease and fatigue thus aiding the essential healing processes.

Jenny GallucciJenny Gallucci
Therapist, LMT #6474
cranial sacral, swedish, prenatal, reflexology, polarity, hot stone

Jenny’s deep understanding of the body’s “natural way” makes for an integration of modalities to help stimulate the lymph, nerve and circulatory systems. Her continued education has led her abroad to study in Latin America as her ambition is to help awaken her clients’ healer within.



Joseph MacejkaJoseph Macejka
BODY Beyond Therapist
LMT #5305

deep tissue, reflexology, medical, shiatsu, swedish

A graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York with almost 20 years of professional experience, Joseph brings multiple modalities into each treatment while drawing on generational knowledge of whole body healing. Inspired by his passion for the work his heartfelt intention is to bring greater awareness, space,
range of motion and function to his clients.

Staci DiffendafferJulia Crowley
Esthetician, #055844

A Santa Fe local and graduate of The School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics, Julia has an underlying passion for skincare & enjoys educating her clients on the benefits of therapeutic skin care. She takes the time to listen to her client’s needs & customize a treatment that will achieve optimal results. Her techniques leave you refreshed and energized, as she believes that overall health & wellness of the skin are both internal and external.

Natalie FoxMaria Maranon
Therapist, LMT #0282

deep tissue, cranio sacral therapy, prenatal, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, reflexology, medical injury

With over 20 years of experience, Maria's training is rooted in the European Osteopathic and Manual Therapy approach to healing. She provides her clients with Advanced Manual Medicine bringing together craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, structural integration, myofascial release & lymphatic drainage to alleviate problems. Her treatments are designed to improve musculoskeletal function as well as enhance emotional and spiritual well-being.

Natalie FoxMollie Reu
Therapist, LMT #7896

swedish, polarity therapy, reiki energy work

Mollie Reu is a Massage Therapist, certified Reiki Master, and Polarity Practitioner (RPP, BCPP). She has been practicing Yoga for ten years and enjoys working withmovement and assisted stretching in her bodywork sessions. Mollie works intuitively to help quiet the mind and balance the body. Her intention for each session is to use compassion and therapeutic touch to remind the body of it’s own healing power and inner light.

Natalie FoxNatalie Fox
Therapist, LMT #7811

therapeutic, deep tissue, prenatal, scrubs

A graduate of the Asheville School of Massage & Yoga, Natalie has been practicing therapeutic bodywork for
2 1/2 years. She is dedicated to contributing to the physical & spiritual well-being of others. Natalie brings a lovingly attentive and joyful energy to her sessions. She also gives a blissful face and scalp massage - perfect for relieving upper body tension and headaches!

Paul BrownPaul Brown
BODY Beyond Therapist
LMT #7899

lomi lomi, temple massage, hot stone, prenatal, reflexology, scrubs

Paul seeks to unwind the mind from the body through Lomi Lomi in a safe and sacred space, help his clients to escape the worries of the world by indulging in deeply penetrating Hot Stones or improve athletic performance through Release and Stretch of bound up muscles. He can help facilitate and maintain a higher state of being in your life.

Saskia VanderploegSaskia Vanderploeg
Therapist, LMT #7282
swedish, injury specific, trigger point therapy, facilitated stretching, reflexology

With a degree in Occupational Therapy and 9 years of experience as a Massage Therapist Saskia’s work is founded in education and honed by practice. Saskia’s massage has often been described as therapeutic yet nurturing. She uses a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, facilitated stretching and injury specific work. Passionate about being a massage therapist she says that the experience of massaging people continues to inspire and even energize her. It would be her pleasure to provide you a massage that is unique to your preferences and would continue your process of healing.


BODY Beyond Therapist
LMT #6940
swedish, master level reiki, sound healing, guided meditation, acupressure, spiritual healers and earth stewards ordained minister, voyager tarot, t'ai chi chih/chi gong

Wuji began full time healing arts practice in 2000. His long time meditation practice, T'ai Chi Chih teacher accreditation, master level reiki accreditation and shamanic training create a unique wisdom space for clients to experience full-spectrum healing. Sessions with Wuji are tailored to the needs of the individual and can include; deep tissue, accupoint therapy, swedish massage, reiki, guided meditation, breath work, sound healing with singing bowls, healing songs, feathering and chakra clearing.

Staci DiffendafferZonnie Miera
Esthetician, #039446

Zonnie Miera is a native of Santa Fe and is a graduate of the Vogue College of Cosmetology. Bringing over ten years of first-hand spa experience to her clients, her wealth of knowledge includes valuable exposure to the world of cosmetic surgery. Zonnie is committed to helping her clients look and feel their best, and her approach to skincare is geared towards nourishment, rejuvenation and relaxation.