Josh Schrei

Vinyasa with Music, Gospel Vinyasa
A lifelong student of BODY-centered disciplines, Josh offers a practice designed to connect to the original intention of Hatha yoga - the transformation of the individual through the physical body and breath.

Kelle Rae Oien

Nia, Move I.T.
Nia First Degree Black Belt,
Nia Faculty Trainer, Move I.T. Teacher and Trainer, Nia Technique Choreography Faculty and 2013 International Teacher of the Year, Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. Kelle has been facilitating
body-mind movement for over 20 years. Her classes are inspirational, therapeutic, fun and packed with power!

Kelle Rae Oien

Nia, Move I.T.
Nia Black-Belt and Move I.T. Instructor. Sarah has been teaching Nia for four years and is inspired to share the healing power of the practice with everyBODY. Her open-hearted, athletic classes leave students energized, empowered, and inspired to live lives full of joy and self-love.

Kelle Rae Oien

Nia Brown Belt Teacher,
Bonnie came to teaching from
a personal Nia practice that moved her to facilitate others to explore, unleash and enhance their potential to live a healthy and energized life  in their bodies through movement and sensation.

Leia Hays

Yin Yoga
Drawing on her travels in India and the esoteric practices of the Himalayan Hatha Yogis, Leia
teaches from the foundation of these principles and takes joy in teaching fun, spiritual and active classes. She seeks to assist others on a path towards health and advancing their practice through the awareness of breath and movement.

Julie Reynolds

Slow Flow
Julie's first yoga class occurred just before sunrise over 8 years ago, still her favorite time to practice. Her hope is to share the benefits of a balanced and regular yoga practice. She strives to create safe and comfortable environments for her students. Classes combine an emphasis on body alignment, mindfulness, spirit, and attuning to body wisdom.​

Bri Isaacson

Vinyasa with Music, Hatha Flow
In her ten years of practice, Austin has explored the power of yoga as a tool for profound and sometimes unexpected transformation. Her intentions as a teacher are to support students in their journeys by offering a compassionate space in which postures can be explored and cultivated safely with patience and integrity.​


Pamela Greaves

Route 66 Yoga
Teaching since 2000, Pam has found the practice of yoga to not only keep our physical body flexible, strong and pain free but, to be the life-line to hold on to through life’s emotional ups and downs. Her classes are alignment based with precise, detailed instruction, providing a caring and supportive space for students to explore their strength, courage and ability.


Bea Doyle

Yoga Tune Up, Back Care Yoga Series
Bea Doyle, CYT, is recognized as a skilled yoga therapist who is gifted at clearly seeing the source of alignment issues and muscular imbalances in the body that lead to physical limitations. With a compassionate and patient approach, she joyfully instructs her students to help themselves restore their bodies to optimal movement ability and health.

Brando Lundberg

Brando Lundberg
Dharma Flow
Brando's first encounter with yoga arrived in July 2002 in an Outside magazine article that stated, "Ashtanga is the single best thing you can do for flexibility, breathing, and balance." It wasn’t until the winter of 2013 that his practice found deeper roots and direction upon meeting Sri Dharma Mittra. He is honored and blessed to share the sacred knowledge passed on from Dharmaji.

Bea Doyle

Elsa Kendall
After practicing and teaching intermittently for over 20 years, Nia continues to be a powerful tool for Elsa to embody self-awareness, joy, sensation, understanding, inspiration,
power, and purpose. Sharing the Nia Technique is one of the great joys of Elsa's life. She sees every class as a journey, with the opportunity to become more in tune with that which deeply moves us.







Swaran Kaul Khalsa

Vinyasa with Healing Sounds
Swaran has lived and loved yoga for over 20 years. She has extensively practiced Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Kundalini Yoga. Vibrant classes emphasize awareness of the body, mind and spirit.

Ursula Drabik

BODY Core & Strength,
Professional actor, singer, dancer and teacher. She developed her interest and talent for Fitness in 1989 with Carl Miller, former USA Olympic coach and studied classical and modern dance, Salsa, Tango and Pilates technique.

Giancarlo Solimano

Hatha Flow
A nurturing yoga instructor
who has taught over 5000
yoga classes in the past 15 years. His background ranges from Ashtanga Yoga, which
he studied in Mysore, India
with the late Sri K Patthabi Jois,
to the precise alignments of
Tias Little, and the therapeutic knowledge of Aadil Palkhivala.

Lucas Sena

Yoga Foundations
As a graduate of BODY's Yoga Teach Training program, I have found that on this yogic path, yoga is life-changing for me. I want students to feel love, light, and calmness. Offering gratitude and self love. Let's share the space, and breath together!


Bri Isaacson

Vinyasa with Music, Hatha Flow
A student of the transformative practice of yoga since she was a child, Cigall has found one of the greatest joys of her life in teaching and sharing this practice with others. Cigall teaches with the intention to create a space that invites students to find a deeper awareness and connection to our own selves, to each other, and to the surrounding world through our physical practice of uniting breath and body.


Kelly Skeen

Vinyasa with Music
Kelly's teachings draw from her training in Body Yoga School and her further study of Prana Vinyasa. Her classes embody a rhythmic flow that allows students to deeply connect with their breath and body in a fluid, yet rooted practice.


Ana Gonzales-Biele'

Rhythm Connection
Ana has loved dance as her own bodily instrument that moves readily to expand and create beyond the boundaries of body into spirit. She has studied various forms of dance throughout the years, and found free form to be the deepest expression of clarity and creation within the constructs of being human.


Vi Amore'

Rhythm Connection
V. Amore' is an international yoga teacher and dance facilitator. She has been passionately engaged in the movement and healing arts for over 20 years.


Katchie Ananda

Metta in Motion Yoga Series
Katchie Ananda E-RYT 500 is an international Yoga and Dharma teacher who has well over 10,000 hours of teaching experience spanning 25 years as a full-time yoga teacher. A committed student of Vipassana Meditation, she has practiced with Jack Kornfield, her Buddhist mentor, for over 15 years and is certified in Anusara, Jivamukti, Integral and Ashtanga yoga by Richard Freeman.

Bea Doyle

Shawn Lott
Warm Vinyasa Flow
A graduate of BODY Yoga School in Santa Fe. In class she will speak to a strong physical core from which every pose derives. She will also encourage students to find their energetic core of compassion for themselves and others.

Bea Doyle

Christine Curran
Her classes create a grounded experience,allowing her students the freedom to explore all that Nia brings to the body, mind & spirit.