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Dan Furst, Santa Fe Event at BODY

Maps of Power

The Astrocartography of the Great, the Beautiful and the Terrible
By Dan Furst

Friday, January 20th 7:00pm
Free admission

Dan Furst specializes in Astrocartography, today’s hottest astrology resource. It draws your personal maps for jobs, money, marriage, love relationships, family and health, and shows you the best – and hardest – places for your goals.

Book your private reading at BODY with Dan
Saturday, Jan. 21 – Monday, Jan. 23

Appointments 505-986-0362

A Creative Community Happening at BODY with Wuji Wayfarer

A Creative Community Happening at BODY
with Wuji Wayfarer

Sundays, 3:30-5:00pm (Starting March 5th)
$10 Drop In
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Food Depot

Wuji is a shamanist, and healing arts practitioner whose path began in 1984 when he studied with mystic voice teacher, John Harris, in NYC. Following a near death experience in 1988, his dedication to the study and practice of the mystical, shamanic, and healing arts became a full time passion.

Wuji rows his own soul canoe down a wide river of experience based learning and practice. His focus on the sacred unity of life as experienced through sacred touch, word, sound, silence, and ceremony is dedicated to fostering the re-emergence of responsible ways of being human in a time of great planetary change. The creative happening of Soul Canoe Sunday is a chance to reconnect, and experience our humanity in safe ceremonial space.*

*Some happenings may involve the burning of plant medicine, ie: sage, frankincense, cedar

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Cancellation Policy
* 48-hour cancellation policy for workshops – no refunds or store credits. Exceptions considered on a case by case basis in issues of emergency, illness or injury.

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